Earn recognition points. Learn how.

The SOA Member Recognition program acknowledges our members’ efforts to support and advance the actuarial profession. Members earn recognition points which may qualify them to redeem a gift. These recognition points are for member involvement in SOA activities, events and volunteerism.



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How This Program Works

SOA will communicate with you regarding your  Member Recognition points and gift qualification.

You can earn points in 2019 through member participation, such as by volunteering, attending events and more.

See your point status on MySOA.

Visit the SOA Volunteer Opportunities Database to find new volunteer opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. New! Starting in March 2020 you will receive Member Recognition Points for your participation in any SOA webcast you attend, including those you attend in a group, regardless of who registers for the webcast. Make sure to record your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit for this webcast in the SOA CPD Tracker to easily keep track of your continuing education and to ensure you receive Member Recognition Points for attending this SOA webcast

2. What is this program and why was it created? 

The SOA created the Member Recognition program to acknowledge the ongoing efforts of our members. This program is another way to recognize your participation and volunteer efforts that advance the actuarial profession. We developed the SOA’s recognition point system based on multiple years of data on member involvement.

3. How can I earn points?

You can earn points in one or more areas of involvement: volunteerism, professional interest section participation, continuing professional development, and accessing the SOA’s information (including completion of directory information), and more. Your points are tracked on a calendar year basis. You can view additional information on how you earn Member Recognition Points here

4. How can I qualify for a gift?

Eligible members receive a gift based on their previous year’s participation. Members with 29 points or more qualified for a 2018 Member Recognition gift. There are a maximum of 100 points available.


5. Do gifts change each year?   

Each year the SOA plans to have different types of gifts for the SOA Member Recognition program.

6. Why are you spending SOA resources on gifts for members?

The SOA appreciates member participation and we want to acknowledge our members’ ongoing participation and volunteer efforts that advance the actuarial profession. If you do not wish to redeem a gift, you can choose to have the SOA make a donation to The Actuarial Foundation.

7. How can I see how many points I have?

Log in to MySOA with your SOA username and password. Scroll down to see your Member Recognition Points earned thus far for 2019.

8. What are the total possible number of points available?

In 2018, the SOA included more categories to obtain points. There are a maximum of 100 total points members can earn based on their participation throughout the calendar year.You can view additional information on how you earn Member Recognition Points here.

9. What are the badges on MySOA?

There are several badges in the Member Recognition module of MySOA. These badges are awarded based on the prior year (Nov. 1 through Oct. 31). The available badges are for presenting at a session or webcast, being an author, serving as a volunteer leader (chair of a committee or section), becoming a first-time volunteer, or having completed five consecutive years as a volunteer.

10. How will I know if I am eligible to receive a gift?

SOA will email you a letter providing you with the total number of Member Recognition Points you earned as of 12/31/2018. If you are eligible for a gift a link will be provided where you can select one gift or your choice. If you select more than one gift the system will automatically only keep the last gift entered.  All other selections will be deleted. Please check your cart and remove any other gift you may have accidentally selected.

11. A coupon was mentioned in my Member Recognition letter.  When is the coupon needed?

Members who earned 29 or more Member Recognition Points during the 2018 calendar year qualify for a Member Recognition gift. SOA will send you a letter regarding your Member Recognition Points and gift eligibility. Also included in the letter will be a coupon code and a link to select a gift. You will need to use the coupon code after you have selected one gift and are checking out through the SOA store. The coupon code is good for only one gift.

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